Welcome Local 67 Benefits Plan Members!

Discover which medications are right for you.

The Pillcheck service includes a drug response test, personalized report, and medication review by a clinical pharmacist. Share your results with your healthcare practitioner to find the right medication at the right dose — for the safest, most effective treatment for you.

Pillcheck is 100% covered for the selected members and genetic testing for medication effectiveness with services like Pillcheck is becoming standard. Your personal identification and Pillcheck results are kept private and will not be shared with your employer or insurance agency. 

Pillcheck analyzes specific genes involved in drug metabolism - only a very small part of your DNA. We'll ask you for what's called Informed Consent during the sign up process. This is to ensure you've read and understand the DNA testing procedure and its limitations.

The deadline to participate in this program is June 30, 2018.

To order Pillcheck as a benefit for yourself or a covered family member, please complete the following to verify eligibility.

NOTE: Enter the name and ID of the person the Pillcheck is for as it appears on his/her Green Shield card.